Caring Ministry Team


The caring ministry team follows the example of Jesus and focuses on being servant leaders. The sometimes unsung heroes of the congregation, they do the "little" things that make huge impacts on the lives our members and friends that could use some extra help or just someone to talk to.


Whether its cooking a casserole to be delivered to a new mom, making soup for someone who lost their spouse, or writing a card to someone who can't get to church very often, these seemingly small actions help us stay connected as one people of God. Even better is going for a visit yourself! Something like this can make a real difference for folks that might be feeling lonely or are just going through a tough transition. Plus, you get to meet some really neat people!


A good way to start is by writing a "Card of Caring" for someone on the prayer list. In the chapel there is a Cards of Caring table with cards, pens and envelopes, along with our prayer list.  Write your message on a card, place it in the envelope, and then put the person’s name on the outside of the envelope.  There is a mailbox on the table where you should deposit your completed card/envelope.   Our office volunteers will address and mail it. If the person is not a member of Reformation please include their full address.


Contact Emma Harrington or Kim Benoit who can give you more information on how to help out or ask Pastor Mike to tell you about someone who could use a visit!