Serve Our Neighbors


Christ calls us to care for our neighbor as ourselves, and the people of Reformation strive to do this in everything we do. There are three very intentional ways in which we care for our immediate neighbors: South East Ministry, the Reformation Food Pantry, and the Washington Interfaith Network.


The Food Pantry has been in existence for over 30 years, serving our neighbors on Capitol Hill and beyond through donations of non-perishable food items that are distributed in pre-packaged bags to those in need. Reformation runs an "emergency" food pantry, in that we provide a bag of food that contains items sufficient to sustain a family of four for two days as they make more permanent connections in striving toward food security. There are many ways to support this important ministry. Please contact Karen Carlson, the volunteer coordinator, or Pastor Ben, the staff lead. 

South East Ministry (SEM) is a grassroots social justice ministry of the Lutheran Church of the Reformation that listens to the needs of the community and develops culturally sensitive education programs that address the root causes of social problems such as poverty, illiteracy, and violence. SEM strives to provide a ministry of hope for men and women in a safe and respectful environment through education, job readiness, and other programs that build self-esteem, transform lives, and help those involved realize their God-given abilities. To find out more, please contact Pastor Mike

Since 2013 Reformation has been part of the Washington Interfaith Network (WIN), a community organizing group that is very active in DC. Reformation has been involved in the housing crisis in the District, particularly focusing on the mistreatment of residents at DC General, the large family shelter. WIN is focused on holding government officials and contractors accountable for their treatment of our most vulnerable citizens. If you would like to get involved in this area of ministry, please contact Pastor Mike.