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Prayer: Conversing with God


Sometimes we feel like praying, but we don't know exactly how to start. Below are some ways to help you pray. We also recommend Teresa Blythe's book 50 Ways to Pray.


TRIP Prayer

The "TRIP" method is a simple way to focus our prayers and ultimately, to focus on what God may be saying to us.


  • THANK:  What makes me thankful?  Begin your prayer with:  “Thank you God for. . .”

  • REPENT: What do I need to change about my life? What am I sorry for? Ask God to forgive and change you. 

  • INTERCESSION: Who else needs God's help? Ask God to intercede to help others in your life, community and world.  

  • PLAN:  What plan does God have for me? Take time during your prayer to listen for God's response. Where might the Holy Spirit be leading you? Ask God to guide the plan for your day.


Daily Prayer

Daily Prayer is an ancient practice with many names. The services (offices) of Morning Prayer, Noon Prayer, Evening Prayer, and Compline (Night Prayer) weave psalms, Bible readings, and prayers that change from day to day and season to season into a regular pattern of worship. The Lutheran Church of Honolulu has a very helpful website to guide you through the daily prayer.


Three Ways to Pray

We have found three ways to pray daily that we recommend to you. Click here to download this four-page resource to practice these three simple prayers: Centering Prayer sets your heart on God each morning. The Exam Prayer helps you review your day and offer it to God. Intercessory prayer helps you pray for other close to you and around the world.