Shelter in the Midst of Attack

Daily devotions November 18 from Christ in Our Home. Pick up your paper copy at Reformation on Sunday.

Psalm 46

Shelter in the Midst of Attack

“The nations are in an uproar, the kingdoms totter” (v. 6)

When I listen to refugees, as well as soldiers, I hear harrowing stories of nations at war and crumbling. In the midst of violent chaos, where did they find the strength to survive, to protect their loved ones, and finally work for peace and justice?

I wonder what I would do. Where would I find the strength to go on if my community were tottering and falling apart? Then I listen again to people who have gone through life-shattering crises and I hear them speak of God’s sheltering power.

They remind me of the testimony in Psalm 46. God promises to be in the midst of the community under attack and to be a refuge and a strength. From God’s presence flow streams of nourishment, hope, and even joy! The attacks come, but ultimately God’s Word melts the threat. The Divine Warrior ends the war and breaks every weapon.

In the midst of the attack, God speaks: “Be still and know that I am God!” God’s Word strengthens, calms, and frees from anxiety and hatred. Sheltered by God’s presence, we can act and live with courageous and confidence.

Your Word, O God, is a mighty fortress. In the midst of crises, encourage us by your presence, through Christ. Amen

Prayer concern: families in the midst of war and violence

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