Self-made god to royal servant

Jeremiah 46:18-28

“I will not make an end of you!” (v. 28)

Sometimes we make a royal mess of our lives. We tell lies and break promises. We cover our shame with wealth and arrogance. We forget who saved us from slavery to sin and the fear of death, so we place our trust in the little gods, in the cultural and military might of our societies. As a consequence, we find ourselves captive and dismayed, banished from the Lord God our true Sovereign.

The unpayable debts overwhelm us. The lies grow too much to bear. When when we look in the mirror, we see the gaudy makeup doesn’t actually hide our sickness. We fear it’s the end of our lives and the end of the world we made.

Yet, the Lord God our Sovereign has not forgotten us. God’s royal decree comes to encourage us and reclaim us as beloved servants. “Have no fear, my servant, says the LORD, for I am with you" (v. 28).

Instead of leaving us under the sway of the gods of the world-we-made, God reestablishes us as servants in the divine kingdom. God reminds that we are set free from our self-made gods to serve the true Sovereign of Creation.

Sovereign God, end the tyranny of our self-made world. Make us your servants once again. Amen

Prayer concern: People and nations with heavy debts

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