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Lutheran Church of the Reformation is pleased to make its facilities available to many groups and individuals in our Capitol Hill community. Examples include national organizations seeking a nearby meeting space and “home-away-from-home” for volunteers they are bringing in to lobby Congress, musical groups such as the Capitol Hill Chorale and DC Different Drummers who rehearse at Reformation on a weekly schedule, to our community Boy and Girl Scouts, AA groups, small yoga, and meditation classes, and Capitol Hill families looking for a place to hold their child’s birthday party. Please contact our community host with inquiries.


Sanctuary – Our largest meeting space with seating for 450. This is ideal for concerts, panel discussions, or town-hall meetings with limited speakers, or other gatherings where a stage and fixed seating is desired.

Parish Hall – This is our most flexible space and includes access to the church kitchen. Tables and chairs can be set up to accommodate approximately 160 people seated, in addition to tables set up “buffet style” for food or beverages. Groups are welcome to self-cater or work with a professional caterer. A limited sound system, projector, and projector screen are available.

Shalom Room – This is a large open room with a few couches and is often set up with tables and chairs. Tables and chairs can be set up for a panel discussion, round table meetings, or small group discussions. This room can accommodate approximately 40 people. 

Nursery – This room is most often used by a playschool co-op during the week and our youngest members on Sundays. There are toys for small children belonging to the co-op that stay in this room and should be left alone unless permission to move or use them is granted. Due to severe allergy risk, this is also a "nut-free" zone, so no food items brought into this room can contain peanuts or tree nuts

Fireside Room – A quiet space that contains couches and chairs around coffee tables. This can also be used as luggage storage, as it is near the Parish Hall.

Library – Another quiet space with a meeting table and room for about 10 people around it. Ideal for business and board meetings. Alternatively, it can be used as luggage storage as it is directly next to the Fireside Room (above) and near the Parish Hall.


Blue Room – A small room adjoining the Main Front Entrance (lobby) and Sanctuary, with standing capacity up to 40. Ideal as a small reception space or for small press events. 

Chapel – A small chapel with an east-facing wall altar that seats about 15 people. It is a quiet space on the sanctuary level that can be less interrupted by other groups and goings-on in the church


These are the normal, expected donations from groups that use our space occasionally. If you would like to use our facilities on a regular, reoccurring basis, it is possible to negotiate a regular monthly contract:


  • Sanctuary: $100 per hour for the first three hours + $50 per each additional hour (3-hour minimum)

  • Parish Hall: $100 per hour for the first three hours + $50 per each additional hour (3-hour minimum)

  • Shalom Room, Nursery, Fireside room, Library, Blue Room, Chapel: $45 per hour


A fee for setup and cleanup will apply based on the size of groups and set up and equipment needs. A refundable deposit may also be required.

Current space users may submit donations online.


If you are interested in using our facilities, please:

  1. Check our Space Use Calendar to see if the room you are interested in using is reserved for another group

  2. Submit a space use request form.


We strive to meet and welcome you with hospitality, however, we are not a professional conference or retreat center and there may be a few days delay in responding to your request.


Members of Reformation should contact us for details. We are not hosting outside weddings at this time.

Members and friends who want to reserve rooms at Reformation can check the Space Use Calendar to see room availability. Please contact our community host to reserve a room. Details regarding Weddings are below.



Lutheran Church of the Reformation is a member of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA). And as a Reconciling in Christ congregation since 1987, we welcome lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer+ Christians and their families.
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