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Embraced by God’s love, Reformation is a dynamic, multigenerational community called to love and serve the world in Christ’s name. Located behind the Supreme Court of the United States and one and a half blocks from the United States Capitol Building, Reformation DC proclaims God’s love, hope, and mercy to the nation and the neighborhood. Rooted in the Capitol Hill neighborhood since 1869 and in its current building since 1934, Reformation is the closest church of any faith to the United States Capitol and Supreme Court.


Liberated by amazing grace, Reformation welcomes and embraces all God’s children. With God’s help, we create an inviting and brave space in which we celebrate and share all our gifts. Whether you’re a toddler or a marathon runner, a DC native or a Hill intern, happily single or in a budding romance, a married gay couple or discovering love again after divorce, we trust God is alive in your life.

Encouraged by one another, we live our faith daily caring for creation, our civic communities, workplaces, schools and families. Reformation welcomes and supports lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer Christians and their families in all aspects of our church and community, life and leadership! Since 1987, we have been leaders in ReconcilingWorks, a national LGBTQ+ ministry. God also bridges the gaps and breaks down the dividing walls of race and class. The Holy Spirit inspires Reformation’s celebration of human cultures and guides our work for racial and economic justice. Our chief partner in this work is the  Washington Interfaith Network.

Thank you for taking time to learn more about what God is doing through the Reformation faith community. Join us for worship so we can meet in person or reach out to a pastor for a cup of coffee! We look forward to taking the next steps of our faith journeys with you.


Whether you have been attending Reformation for weeks or years, and you are ready to deepen your ties through becoming a member of the congregation, please join us for an upcoming New Member Orientation.


Membership is a rather 'low bar' at Reformation because we do not want there to be barriers for anyone participating or joining in at Reformation. Adults who are interested in officially joining the congregation are often invited to an information session and sometimes a simple meal. New member orientation happens twice or three times per year. Together we learn about the ways God is working in our lives, in our world, and at Reformation. We also discuss how we can work together to serve God and serve our neighbors and how anyone can become involved in the community.


When we meet in person, we take a ‘behind the scenes’ tour of the church building so new members can get acquainted with the space. Then, at the following Sunday’s worship, we officially welcome in new members. If you are interested in learning more or would like to join the congregation, please email us and one of our pastors will be in touch! 


Baptism is an exciting event in life at any age (newborn through adulthood) and a significant part of our faith journey as we come from the baptismal waters to live a new life as children of God. Marked with the cross of Christ and sealed by the Spirit, we receive a new identity as followers of Jesus, and the story of Jesus becomes our story. 


At Reformation (and in the Lutheran faith), we believe a person is baptized into the larger Christian community within a Lutheran context. Therefore, at Reformation specifically, we ask that the family joins the congregation at the time of the baby's baptism or that an adult being baptized becomes a member of Reformation. It's our deep hope that we can partner with the newly baptized in their faith development and growth. Investing in our little ones as well as new baptized adults is important to us, so while the baptism is a one-time event, the expectation of membership is the continued collaboration and development of the spiritual and faith life with us in community.


Baptisms typically happen during worship service and are done by one of Reformation’s pastors. If you are interested in having your child baptized, please email us and one of our pastors will be in touch! 


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